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100 WC

Halloween Night

It was a misty morning and tonight is Halloween, I was planning on putting a scheme at the grave yard, for all it's Halloween night. I gave my crimson thick fake blood a good stir, then hurried to the grave yard and placed a fake grave just by the entrance. Then I slowly poured my fake blood just on the sides of the grave, as I patiently waited for someone to pass by I quickly gave them a frantically horror of a scream as they ran off leaving me with a little chuckle as I waited for my next victim.
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100 WC

The Robotic Competition

Today was the big day, I was ready to compete in the Robotic Invention Tournament or the R I T for short. This tournament is like a track and field event, we all lined up at the start and who's ever robot crosses the line first will win the race. As I got lightning set up which is my robot and placed new fresh batteries and wait for the other competitors to get ready. As the whistle blew lightning got off on a flying start, although they ran quickly there were still not making enough progress as lightning went around the corner I knew we were heading for the win.

100 WC week 22

The Fish Trick

I was planing on this incredible trick it has a paint bucket with a board on top I simply put my gold fish in his bowl on one end and some weights on they other end  I struggled to dropped the weight and my fish flew and landed on one of the blades form the ceiling fan meanwhile the paint was leaking there was brown paint everywhere! I took a deep breath and said " calm down " then suddenly I had an brilliant idea I went to the shed and grabbed a ladder and thought carefully want I would do next.

100 wc week 21

The performance

I was sitting by the window ledge when suddenly the phone rang I picked It up and said
" hello who is this?"
" hello you just won,"
" what did I win?"
" a ticket to watch a performance at the woods at 3pm,"
" wow thank you,"
" you welcome see you there,"
so at three I went to the woods I was confused, there were men dress like twigs. At the end I thought  It was a really good performance. As I went back home and seeing all these men still as a real living tree.

100 wc week 19

It was a Saturday morning  the whole family had to help clean the gutters. Not only that
             there's been a little issue  there's a rat  it goes all through out the house. It's been here for
             awhile suddenly my brother hurried down the ladder and said
             " Don't go back up there,"
             " Why not?"
             " Just don't,"
             we did not go back up there instead we raked. After we heard a strange noise coming from                   our drainpipe It sounded like that rat and it came down the drainpipe, and that's a day will
             never forget.

100 WC week 17

Costume Trouble

Cycled on my four seat bike , looking for the splendid costume ,
I looked up at the town clock
" Ok thirty minutes to find a costume no biggie," I said to my self
I hurried down to a store and explain to them
" I would like a red dragon costume,"
" It will be ready in twenty minutes, " the man exclaimed.
I waited and waited and eventually It arrived I opened the package,
I was stumped they gave me a red snake costume?
" what am I supposed to do with this!"
As I went back to the store and tolled them what I wanted to say.

100 WC week 14

laptop experiment

Remember when humans used to be monkeys, if that the case I'm going to prove it. I know this place, a monkey or bamboo lives there, now a days everyone is on there electronics why not we give the monkey a laptop.
"Not an ordinary laptop I will install a banana in the laptop," and if he can get it that means monkeys are smart. Meanwhile, I slowly drop the laptop in a clear room, first he tried to eat it, after a half an hour, he threw the laptop on the floor! it shattered,
" well that proofs it."